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The Keys to Beats by Dre’s Success


Before Beats by Dre arrived on the scene, it was difficult if not impossible to find high-quality speakers an average person could afford. Now high-quality speakers are more than just available. They’ve come down in price across the board in response to competition. Beats by Dre has remained a customer favorite despite the additional competition because they’re still the best value on the market. Their relationship with Apple has made a great deal even better. Read the Rest…

Dr. Dre’s Beat Headphones – The Sound of the Future


Everything old is new again – this idea includes the technological advancements in “headphones.” The age of the Sony Walkman era produced headphones that weighed up to a pound and made people look like they worked in an airport rather than music lovers. How time has changed.Dr-Dre-with-Beats-Headphones

Dr. Dre (hip hop producer) and Jimmy Iovine (record chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records) have produced the new must have headphones – “Beats.” Beats were created in 2008 for its great listening perfection in sound quality. Apple, Inc. became a partner in mid 2014, when they acquired Beats for $3 billion. Read the Rest…