Choosing the best Dre Beats Headphone


Guide to choosing the best Dre Beats Headphone


Doctor Dre beat headphones are among the highly rated in the world of music. They have high aesthetic appeal and are state of the art sound reproduction. They are a representation of high-end audio accessories.


Studio realism is the concept behind the powerful headphones. Doctor Dre is a firm believer that the listener should hear the music as the artists are intended. Naturally, he developed headphones that are built to meet studio standards. The high-quality headphones have a high price tag attached to them.


Dr. Dre headphones typesMonster-Beats-By-Dr-Dre-Studio-Headphones-Ruby-Color-Blue-With-Red-Diamond-431


There are several types of the headphones. They include:


• Pro
• Studio
• Wireless
• Mixer
• Solo


The different types target different audiences ranging from casual listeners to sound engineers. However, all the headphones types are relatively expensive. The price varies depending on the type. Pro is the most expensive and the solo is at the bottom of the list.




They are ideal for studio engineers. It is a good choice for people who love listening to the finest details in the music. They are robust, thanks to the aluminum gun frame. The heavily overstuffed and padded ear cups offer excellent sound isolation and noise cancellation without additional features.





They are a posh version of the pro.




• Effective noise cancellation
• Padded and plush ear cups
• Complete sound isolation




• They run on non-rechargeable batteries
• They are pricey compared to other brands of headphones

Solo HDMMJ42


They are a smaller and domesticated version of the studio beats. The Solo HD targets the mass markets as it relatively cheaper compared to other types. It is often marketed as a fashion accessory. They are comfortable, and the wearer can receive calls from their mobile phones by flicking a switch.




• They are lightweight
• Comfortability
• Good noise cancellation
• Versatile




They have a muddier bass sound




They produce undistorted sound playback even at high volumes. They are ideal for DJs that work in high levels of noise. They have an adjustable ear cups. Lastly, they are lightweight, durable, can withstand tough conditions and highly adaptable.


Choosing the ideal headphones


With a clear understanding of the headphones types available, it becomes easy to select the ideal headphones. Some of the factors buyers consider include:


• Price
• Control features
• Style
• Sound isolation capabilities
• The sound quality


However, consumers should avoid falling for false marketing hype that will make them spend unnecessarily. Instead, they should focus on the value and practical function of the headphone.





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