The Beats Studio Wireless Headphones with Bluetooth


The Beats Studio Wireless headphones are the top Apple gadgets at this moment. These headphones have an exceptional design and quality. Compact, lightweight and sturdy, this product has impressed many. If you do not mind the hefty price, $379.95, then you should upgrade to these headphones soon. Meanwhile, read on to discover more useful information about the product.

Design quality and featuresbeats-studio-wireless-review-out-of-box


These premium headphones are made of plastic. They have a narrow bridge with a lovely finish and a company logo. As well, the item boasts underlying leather padding to keep the user comfortable. Furthermore, the arms of the headphones are rails that you can expand easily. These rails are slim, strong and useful. You can extend them up to two inches to accommodate the size of your head.
There is a Bluetooth synch switch too, situated on the left earcup. In case you want to connect the earphones to your iPhone, it might take you seconds depending on your phone type. Otherwise, use a 3.5mm auxiliary cable if your device has no Bluetooth function.

There is an integrated rechargeable lithium battery to power the Bluetooth and the two modes of noise cancellation. You must charge it using a Micro-USB connection. A red cable will be in your delivery box. If using the wireless listening option, the battery life is twelve hours. Alternatively, if using wired option, it will last 20 hours. The right ear cup boasts a battery fuel gauge, which is a LED component with five light indicators. It displays the amount of charge left.




The Beats Studio Wireless headphones are available in different colors and finishes. These includes:


• White
• Blue
• Red
• Black – It has two finishes:glossy or matte
• Titanium


Note: You will receive a tiny piece of cloth to help keep your glossy headphones clean and new.


Sound – Is it clear or hazy?6011_1447446258564646f263a8b_monster-beats-studio-wireless-bluetooth-headphone-malayson-1304-20-malayson2


The Beats Studio Wireless offers very pleasant beats. The bass quality is amazing and perhaps the best your ears have ever heard. However, if you turn on heavy bass music, you are likely to notice a slight sound leakage. Overall, though, these headphones’ sound quality is great.




• This pair of Beats headphones is better than the original beats studio.
• They have a Bluetooth synch switch
• You can fold them up and keep in your backpack.




It is expensive.




The Beats Studio Wireless has a built-in microphone that improves the quality of sound. This is regardless of whether you are listening to music in a noisy place or street. They are worth trying.





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