Beats on a Budget: Best Inexpensive Over the Ear Headphones of 2016


Everyone loves good music. However, not many are willing to break the bank on a quality pair of headphones. To solve the problem, we have assembled a list of the best inexpensive headphones available this year. The list is organized by price, starting at $93 and decreasing from there on down. Each product includes the price, a link, a short review, and a list of pros and cons.Click here for another great list of budget headphones


Sennheiser HD 280 Pro – $93hd280pro_hires-dff9088863f763fbf3487ad03093b71e



Sennheiser is a well-known name in the headphone industry, but their products usually come with a larger price tag than this. Don’t let the price fool you; these are the real deal. They’re lightweight and come with the sound quality you’d expect from Sennheiser. The only real drawbacks are the limited portability and the durability.




– Crystal-clear sound quality


– Superb reduction of outside noise




– Don’t fold up easily for portability


– Lightweight, yet the plastic feels somewhat cheap



Shure SRH145m+ – $50shuresrh145m




These headphones come in the middle of the cheap price range, but they bring some of the best audio quality available in the area. The bass is not overwhelming and comes as it should with every song. Without a doubt, these headphones can handle all music genres with ease. A bulky connector is a common complaint for this set as it makes it incomparable with some phone cases.




– Top of the line audio quality


– One of the most comfortable pairs on this list



– Bulky connector cannot fit some phone cases


– Volume does not go incredibly high



Creative Sound Blaster Jam (Bluetooth) – $37sound-blaster-jam-bluetooth-headphones



Unique from other entries on this list, this set uses Bluetooth instead of cables. Despite that, wireless technology does not limit the sound of these earphones. These are not audiophile quality for sure, but the sound is balanced, and instruments can be picked out easily. The Sound Blaster Jams are also a quite comfortable pair of headphones that could be worn easily for hours.




– Very light and not too tight; highly comfortable


– Charge quickly and have long battery life




– Volume control is somewhat small and difficult to find without looking


– Earpieces are fixed and cannot move to perfectly fit head



Coloud No 8 – $30skullcandy_headphone_uproarbt_s5urhw-510_11_1100_angle_gray



The cheapest pair on this list is included for many reasons. The No 8s come with a tangle-free cable system to ensure easy use. Also worth noting is the removable and washable headband; this brings comfort and cleanliness to a maximum. Sound quality is another positive for this set as they have clear highs with decent bass depth. Bass depth can only go so far, however. Some vibrating, louder bass could really help these out.




– Comfortable and easy to clean


– Tangle-free




– Bass is a little quiet


– Cloth-type design may be unappealing to some



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