5 Best Rated Headphones 2016


There are three different types of headphones, over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear. Each kind of headphone works best in a different scenario. Over-the-years are regarded to be the most comfortable, in-ears are portable, and on-ears are comfortable and portable. When upgrading your headphones, it is important to consider sound quality. Also, consider how durable and comfortable the headphones are. Here is a list on the top rated headphones 2016.Click here for another great site with awesome reviews and buying guides.

1. Optoma NuForce HEM6Optoma HEM6 Hero-1200-80

  • The headphones weigh 0.01 pounds and have a cable length of 4.52 feet.
  • They have a frequency response of 18Hz- 40 kHz, 3 drivers per ear, the sensitivity of 113dB+/-3Db, an impedance of 37 Ohms.
  • This earphone is comfortable to wear, can be used with a variety of accessories, have a detachable cable, and have a great frequency response.
  • Their only drawbacks are that they are pricey and warm-sounding.

2. Focal Listenfocal-listen

  • Focal listen weigh 0.60 pounds, has a cable length of 4.6ft, frequency response of 15Hz-22 kHz and impedance of 32 ohms.
  • Also, the headphone’s divers are 40mm. focal listen offer a pleasant listening experience.
  • They have a good build quality, understated design, and balanced sound.
  • Their only disadvantage is that they have an awkward remote.

3. Samsung Level On Pro Wirelesssamsung-level-on-wireless-pro

This earphone has a weight of 0.70 pounds, has a cable length of 3.6ft, the frequency response of 20Hz- 20 kHz, and a wireless range of 30 meters (98ft). In addition, they have 40mm dual layered diaphragm dynamic drivers. The Samsung Level on Pro Wireless is comfortable and has the best noise canceling. The headphones have extra features for people using Samsung devices. However, they have a short-range and have a fragile bridge.

4. Sennheiser Momentum Wirelesssennheiser-momentum-wireless-sg-3

  • The Sennheiser Momentum Wireless is a sturdy earphone that is well designed to work using Bluetooth and wired connection.
  • The headphone has dual microphones and is equipped with active noise-cancellation.
  • The drawback with this kind of earphone is the fact that they are expensive and it is not possible to turn off noise-cancellation.

5. Bose QuietComfort 35download

  • The good thing about Bose QuietComfort 35 is that it combines wireless Bluetooth operation with active noise-canceling in a comfortable design.
  • The sound is perfect for Bluetooth and operates well for phone calls.
  • The bad thing about the headphones is that the batter is not user replaceable.
  • Also, the headphone is a bit heavier than QuietComfort 25.
  • The Bose QuietComfort has microphones outside and inside the ear cups, weighs 309 grams, and its battery life is rated at 20 hours.






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